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Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Will current Santa Cruz and Watsonville students have to drive to Monterey for classes?

Only if you’re craving some good clam chowder! While we plan to have a fully loaded schedule, we don't foresee the need for students to travel between both locations.


  • Does this mean we will see less of the owners?

Because we are going to have the support of both Ashley and Amanda, as well as SpectorDance, we are confident that the program we are creating in Monterey will not adversely affect any current  projects. Participation in SpectorDance projects will provide new and exciting opportunities for our teachers and students alike. We are so thrilled that Carrie’s Dream scholarships will be expanding further down the coast. 


  • Given the current uncertainty, is this a good thing for the studio?

 Due to CDC recommendations, class sizes will likely need to be capped. Having more spaces to run classes will help ensure the sustainability and longevity of our program. The partnership between PAC and SpectorDance is a sum that will undoubtedly be greater than the total of its parts. 

Though these past months have felt like years, the Covid19 crisis will come to an end. We are looking into the future with a bold vision of what is possible when we expand our network through creative collaborations. We believe in the power of dance to uplift, and we are committed to creating dance communities that can weather any storm. 


  • How is Recital going to work?

Given the distance between the two cities, we think combining recitals would be an unfeasible task. Both locations will have their own shows and we are very confident with the addition of Ashley and Amanda’s leadership, we will be able to successfully balance the added workload. 


  • Will this affect costs for us?

In a normal time, this would allow us to lower prices given that we would have a larger student and teacher pool. Because of our current situation with Covid, and potentially capped class sizes, any price increase would be related to social distancing necessities. 


  • When will all of this start?

We are going to start by doing several  “Pop Up” Master Classes in July, located at SpectorDance. In August, we will begin a more robust program and hold auditions for new teams. Most exciting of all, we are now planning to move into a fabulous new location in Jan of 2021. Buckle up, hold on to your hats, and enjoy the ride!

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