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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

All of our Registration is done online. CLICK HERE to access or create your customer portal for online registration and payment. (Please note that registration fee is due at time of registration; September tuition is due by September 4th). If you have danced with us before but never signed into your portal click 'Forgot my Password' and then type in the email associated with your PAC account. 

Which Level should I choose?

If you are a current student and your teacher has not approached you about moving up levels we ask that you register for the same level as last year. Please note that we have students 3-18 years old and only 6 levels so all dancers will be in the same level for multiple years in a row. If you are a new student and have questions please follow the level guide on the schedule and email dance@pacificartscomplex.com with any additional questions. 


How do payments work?

All tuition and fees are done via AutoPay. When you register you will need to pay your registration fee and add an active credit or debit card on file. Not having a card on file means you are not technically registered for the class. All tuition fees run on the 1st of each month. 


What happens if I'm on waitlist?

Don't panic! There's a lot of movement in the beginning of the year and the majority of people on wait lists end up getting into the class they want. We also create new classes or move classes to bigger rooms to help facilitate the needs as they arise. If you are on a waitlist you will automatically be moved up the queue as people drop or move classes. Once your spot has opened up you will receive an email notifying you that your dancer has a spot in the class.   Please do not attend a class for which you are waitlisted. These classes have waitlists because they are at capacity and when non-registered dancers attend it's confusing for teachers and parents. 

Dress Code is listed along with class descriptions  info link here

Where can I buy Dancewear?

The easiest way to get dress code essentials in studio, in either office. We have competitive pricing and pass our studio discount on to you. The next best option, in case we're out of your size or item temporarily,  is online. Discountdance.com has a wide selection and excellent costumer service and return policies. 

 Click here for link to our online store through Discount Dance


Refer a Friend! If you refer a friend that registers for a class be sure to have them tell us your name - you will get a free PAC shirt!

PAC 2019-20 Pricing & Policies



Registration fee for season is due at time of registration. [Fall-Spring $30; Summer reg. fee $10]



All TUITION is due by the 1st of every month.Tuition is PAST DUE at end of day on the 5th of every month. A late fee (20.00) will be applied for all past due TUITION. 


AUTOPAY is required for all TUITION. A credit card is required to be on file while enrolled at PAC. Without a card on file, students have the potential of being dropped from their classes. [In addition, all team dancers will be on auto-pay for costumes and comp fees. ]


We offer a 30% discount to any additional siblings taking classes at PAC. 


To drop a class you must fill out drop form. All classes require a 30 day notice period before the drop is effective. However, you can transfer to a different class at no charge up until Feb 1. 


Please drop your dancers off as their class begins and pick up when their class ends.  We don't have the staff to ensure dancers safety if they are staying beyond their class times. Thank you for your understanding.


To schedule a makeup class please email or call the office. Make-ups can be made ( at teacher discretion) in any class that is not full, as long as it is the appropriate level for your dancer. We ask that you try to schedule make-ups within a month of the missed class.

 All COMPETITION, COSTUME, CHOREOGRAPHY, ETC. fees will be due on the 15th (You will receive a specific payment scheduling regarding your company fees). Late fees on all company related charges will NOT be applied until end of day on the 5th of the following month (allowing all families approx. 20 days to clear company related fees after listed due date).


All accounts must be current before registering for any future dance seasons 


All accounts must be current before private lessons are scheduled for the month


Balances of over 500.00 are at risk of having solos, duos, etc. pulled from competitions.


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