• Are there extra fees for recital? Yes, a costume fee of $45 is charged to your account on Feb. 15th; Recital Fee $40 ( one per family) is charged on April 1st and includes recital finale shirt

  • My dancer takes all of their classes on one day. Can all of their recital dances be in the same show? For your convenience, our class schedule is designed to allow students to take multiple classes in a row. Although we keep this in mind when creating  recital lineups, there’s still a possibility your dancer may have to be in more than one show.

  • Can I request which show my dancer will be in? Yes. Please email with the specific reason for your request and we will take it into consideration. Unfortunately, because many requests conflict with each other, we can not accommodate everyone.


  • My dancer is only in the second half of the show. What is their call time? It is imperative that everyone arrives 1 hr prior to the start of recital. If there are any call time exceptions, you’ll be specifically notified in advance.


  • My dancer is only in the first half of the show. Can we leave at intermission? Yes. But, we strongly encourage you to stay and enjoy the rest of the show! The dancers perform better to a full, supportive, and excited audience.


  • My child is going to sit on my lap during the show. Do I still have to purchase a ticket for them? Your child - age 4 and under - may sit on your lap for the duration of the event without a ticket. Otherwise, due to building/producer's regulations, each person in the audience must have their own seat ticket purchased. 


  • Do I need to purchase a ticket for my dancer to watch the rest of the show after they are done performing? Yes. Please see the preceding answer for exception.


  • Does my dancer have to be in the finale? Finale participation is optional. However, it is a wonderful part of the recital experience and we encourage all of our dancers to join in the fun! Every dancer will receive a recital shirt (included in recital fee) so everyone is welcome to participate!


  • What steps do I take if my dancer wants to be in the finale? Dancers who want to participate in the finale will be asked to learn some simple choreography and required to attend a very short practice at the end of their dress rehearsal.


  • Where do I bring my child when we arrive at the rehearsal/recital, and where will my child be when they aren’t on stage? Please sign in/drop off your child at the courtyard entrance to the cafeteria. Dancers will wait in the cafeteria with their assigned class chaperone until their turn to perform; the chaperone will accompany each class to and from the theater when it’s their turn to perform. Once your child has performed all their dances, you are free to sign out/pick up your child at the same place you where you checked in.


  • Can I be with my child backstage or in the cafeteria? You are welcome to volunteer as a cafeteria chaperone, however, backstage is limited to cast and crew. Each group will be safely escorted back and forth when it’s their turn to perform.


  • Can I take photos and/or video of my dancer during their performance? No. Flashes and lights from phones/video are distracting -and potentially dangerous for the dancers on stage. Videos will be available for pre/purchase on ticketing site ( digital download links emailed shortly after shows). Professional photos of each show will available for purchase shortly after the recital. (All profits from photo sales benefit dance scholarships.)


  • Why isn’t my dancer’s class participating in the recital? Classes like ballet and Jumps/Turns are at the core of creating strong, technical dancers; upper levels of these classes are entirely focused on building skill and technique rather than learning recital choreography.

Classes NOT participating in the recital :

MON 4:30 Lyrical Contemporary w/Leslie, 6:00 Jumps & Turns w/Leslie, 7:00 Lyrical/Contemporary w/Leslie, Monday Madness; Lisa's Ballet Classes; Team or Crew Rehearsal slots; Parkour; Thursday PrePoint/Point;  Jumps/Turns classes ( excepting Cassie's Tues 7:30 which IS going to participate)

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