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Pacific Arts Complex is thrilled to announce that after over a year of planning we will be expanding our program to Monterey County.


We feel so blessed to have connected with the wonderful dance community in the greater Monterey area, and have begun a partnership with SpectorDance to build a new program in Monterey County. We know this is happening at a very strange time for the world. Many dance communities have been hit hard by the recent events and through a series of lucky conversations and chance meetings, we connected with Fran Spector Atkins, Founder and Artistic Director of SpectorDance. To say our connection was instant would be an understatement. We are also pleased that Amy Byington will also be joining us as we move into this new endeavor.

We will be bringing on new staff and instructors including Ashley Rutherford and Amanda Casas who will be our company directors in our new location. We have known Ashley and Amanda for years. Ashley was trained by Tisha from the time she was 8 years old. Amanda has been working hand in hand with Ashley as a Co-Director for years, creating some of the most beautiful dancers in Northern California.


We are so excited to meet you all and are so thankful to be able to use the beautiful home of SpectorDance to host our fall classes until we are able to move into our permanent home. We know you must be excited to register for Fran & Amy's camps/classes and we hope you will also try some of the others on the schedule. We are here to help you get registered and safely dancing in the studio. Check out our schedule of two and three day camps as well as online classes and let us know how we can help! Email us at with questions or to schedule a phone chat with one of the owners. We look forward to dancing with you!


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